A Brief History of Hidden Falls

Amazing Views Around the turn of the century, Clear Creek Falls was one of the more popular geographic attractions in Northeastern Alabama. These twin falls featured a 38 foot drop quickly followed by another 43 foot fall. Clear Creek Falls had served Native Americans (Chickasaw and Cherokee tribes) for centuries as a gathering place, burial ground, and navigational landmark. Because they were so isolated, white settlers did not discover the falls until 1812. In 1961 when Alabama Power Company began flooding the Smith Lake basin, the falls reached a peak in popularity as all the local newspapers published articles of farewell. Late in the summer of 1961 the rising waters finally overtook the upper falls and the Clear Creek Falls forever disappeared from view. Those falls now sit submerged 25 feet in front of this development. As homage to those falls now hidden and the many waterfalls that wait to be discovered, we chose the name Hidden Falls.

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